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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Then why didn't the 10th DOCTOR remember me ?

Curious question for you all, I mentioned I went back and 
visited all the DOCTORS. Then why didn't the 10th DOCTOR 
remember me ? I was bewildered and stunned. To look at him 
in the eyes and he didn't remember my time with him in the past. 
Odd but true. My question is to WHY did that happen ? Any clues ?


  1. Perhaps you met him before *before* he did The Library?

  2. He is your past and you are his future. Part of the wiggly time travel line.

  3. at the time you and the doctor was traveling in different directions in the time line, you were traveling backwards in time and the Dr was traving forwards in time.

  4. It won't leave my mind: You traveled to your last meeting whit the Doctor, has the traveled to the first. If you say you visited all the Doctors, how could you die there? It's impossible. If that was your last meeting you couldn't have met all of the Doctors.

    1. River and The Doctor don't travel in completely the opposite direction through time. It's not a straight line. So she could have gone back to the see earlier doctors before seeing the 10th doctor.